HOUSTON I-45 Parkway + Tunnel

Houston I-45 Parkway & Tunnel Articles

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Coalition aims to be involved in state's plan to expand I-45, Houston Chronicle 2/3/05 Article PDF
Engineer Proposes I-45 Tunnel, Houston Chronicle 6/8/05 PDF
Digging It: Tunnels are a rare bird in Houston. But will they fly for I-45?, Houston Press 6/16/05 Article PDF
Houston Press Letters to The Editor, Houston Press 6/30/05 PDF
Mobility Coalition Wants I-45 Alternatives, Houston Chronicle 7/21/05 Article PDF
Residents Pitch Underground I-45 Expansion Option, KHOU 7/22/05 Article PDF
Controversy Brewing Over Proposed Project, ABC News 7/23/05 Article PDF
Group proposes twin tunnels for Interstate 45 section, 1969 Sun 7/27/05 Article PDF
Meeting on I-45 plan will be held Saturday, Houston Chronicle 8/9/05) Article
Engineer still wants an I-45 tunnel, Houston Chronicle 8/21/05 Article PDF
Issues loom in I-45 plan, Houston Chronicle 8/15/05Article PDF
North Freeway expansion back to drawing board, Houston Chronicle 8/31/05 Article PDF
TxDOT's plan for I-45 has another delay, Houston Chronicle 11/3/05 Article
I-45 Parkway/Tunnel alternative may offer multiple advantages, Houston Business Journal 7/21/06 Article PDF

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