HOUSTON I-45 Parkway + Tunnel

Tunnels Under Construction
Guadarrama Railway, Spain
Latest technology in tunnel boring makes roadway tunnels price competitive with traditional at-grade highway construction. North and south tunnel boring machines (top right and left pictures).
TBM (tunnel boring machine) assembled in access shaft and portal crane. Prefabricated segments of the roadway tunnel make for quick construction.
Source: Dragados
A-86 Socatop Tunnel, Paris
ITS (Information Technology Systems) is integral to the operation of roadway tunnels. Two level roadway tunnel with a total of six lanes. Cross section shows safety chamber.
37.9 Foot diameter tunnel boring machine.
Source: Dragados
Landsberg Parking Cavern, Germany
Allows direct connection to underground parking which reduces congestion on surface streets.
Source: Dr. Sauer Corporation
"SMART" Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
44.3-Foot diameter tunnel boring machine. Multi-functional tunnel designed to conduct traffic and water.
Source: Dr. Sauer Corporation