HOUSTON I-45 Parkway + Tunnel

Roadway Tunnels Enhance City's Quality of Life

Cities are building roadways and other infrastructure underground to allow development of parks and urban areas that are friendly to residents and business districts.

Roadway tunnels have become a long-term investment in the quality of life and quality of business of old and modern cities. (Picture source: Dragados)

2nd Avenue Subway, New York
On left map showing the alignment of the proposed 2nd Avenue Subway. Top shows a scale model of the subway. Southern end links to the Battery Park (see picture below).

At $16 Billion the 2nd Avenue Subway will be the most expensive public works project in US history requiring funding from local and federal sources.

Petuel Ring Tunnel, Munich - Germany
Petuel Ring Tunnel was transformed when it was reconstructed underground. Picture on left shows the entry to the tunnel and green spaces developed on what used to be an at-grade highway.

The Petuel Tunnel project received international awards for its design. More importantly, it created activity centers for residents.

Picture above shows actual park built over the Petuel roadway tunnel. This type of urban investment generates long-term revenue by enhancing property values.


Calle 30, Madrid - Spain
Calle 30 consists of 14 projects with a total of 64 roadway miles, 35 miles of which are underground tunnels. Total project cost is $4.4 Billion. Besides improving traffic flow, it creates 28 miles of outdoor activities such as rendering shown on pictures.
Costanera Norte, Santiago - Chile
Costanera Norte was a design, build and financed project executed by a European company. Instead building and at-grade highway it was constructed under an existing river that intersects the city of Santiago. This toll road has a total of 20 miles, 4.2 miles of which are underground tunnels. It was constructed in less than four years at a cost of $440 Million. The Costanera Norte created 108 of green acres.
The silver color metal structures on the left of the river are part of the underground roadway ventilation system. While vehicles travel through the city below ground the surface adds recreational areas for Santiagenos.
One of the portals of the Costanera Norte toll road. Since the project is privately funded the tolls are used to pay the construction and financing.
Another view of the roadway segment that is below ground.